Frequently Asked Questions

Dear customer,You have lot of questions regarding websites and other services. We have tried our best to answer most of the questions. Still if you dont find the answer to any specific questions you can contact our support team. We would respond to your query as soon as possible. Keep reading this FAQ...

What is a Domain Name?

It is a name that you choose and will help other people and businesses to identify your website.This will usually be your business name or your name. eg. www.innovativeinfotechindia.com or www.google.com

What is Web Hosting Space?

The website that Innovative Infotech India designs and develops for your business needs to be stored some where over the internet.Many companies like GoDaddy.com provides this Web hosting space on their web servers(ie. Fast Computers).And the whole process is called web hosting.

What does website usability mean?

Website usually means your presence over the world wide web aka internet.It is a medium by which you can represent your business online.Thus helping you to grow your customer base and reputation very quickly.Innovaitive Infotech India understands this process very well and can help you and your business in reaching its optimum heights.

What Is The Difference Between Static and Dynamic Websites?

Dear reader if you are interested in taking your business online, understand this difference well.

Static Website : Website that is written entirely using HTML is called static website. Each page if static website is a separate document and there are no databases or files involved. Means that the only way to edit staic website is to go into each page and edit the HTML.Which our talented developers will do for you.

Dynamic Website : Dyanamic is website is exactly opposite of static webiste.Here you can take control of the website and can make changes from custom made administation panel that Innovative Infotech India Development Team will design for you. This type of website demands complex coding and broader functionality.If you want to see the dynamic website running liveclick here This means you can make updates without needing any knowledge of HTML or any website software.